Water Therapy And Detox For Weight Loss

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water therapy for weight loss

Water therapy for weight loss is a great way to shed extra pounds, and what makes it more popular among people is that there is not much restriction over the kind of food you eat. Without a doubt, we all can agree that water is by far the most essential element that not only keeps your body hydrated but also transports nutrients, helps flush out toxins out of our body and also keeps your skin glowing. Two third of our body is made of water and it is a must that we drink at least drink 2 litres of water daily. Water therapy for weight loss is one of the many benefits of consuming water. Let’s look at some gains of water therapy for weight loss and how it works.

  • Water therapy for weight loss works on a simple logic

Drink at least 600 ml of water in the mornings before you consume your breakfast. Once it is done do not eat anything for the next 30 to 45 minutes. Follow the same procedure for your lunch and dinner, only this time the water consumption could be lesser than 600 ml. After your meal time is over do not eat or drink anything for another 2 hours. The idea behind this is, it curbs your appetite and increases metabolism. Drinking water in the mornings on an empty stomach also helps in better absorption of nutrients. Therefore water therapy for weight loss is a no-fuss method to reduce weight and it does not require you to make any drastic changes in your lifestyle, just a few tweaks in the routine.

water therapy for weight loss

  • For all the exercise lovers, water therapy will help expedite weight loss

It is a well-known fact that when you exercise you lose a lot of water even if you don’t perspire a lot. Consuming water at regular intervals helps better transportation of oxygen and glucose throughout your body. Therefore it’s important to replenish your body with enough water to keep the metabolism going.

water therapy for weight loss

  • Water therapy for weight loss is cogent as it helps prevent dehydration

Insufficient intake of water leads to dehydration and this, in turn, leads to fatigue and tiredness. This results in increased fat accumulation due to toxins which are getting build up in kidneys and liver. As it is a known fact that kidneys help to get rid of waste products and liver helps burn fats. Therefore there is a direct correlation between water therapy and weight loss.

water therapy for weight loss

  • Drinking more water equals to weight loss

Since water is naturally calorie free it directly affects your calorie intake. It also improves the blood circulation and this, in turn, helps for better detoxification and rid the body of unwanted waste quickly. So when a body is naturally cleansed, there is no room for fat storage. This is as good as losing weight naturally through water therapy.

water therapy for weight loss

  • Water therapy for weight loss will boost your metabolism

Water therapy for weight loss is very effective in shedding the extra weight as it boosts your metabolism.

Water therapy for weight loss is not a rocket science. It is simple and can be easily accommodated in your daily routine. Nevertheless, it is also important to couple water therapy with a proper diet which is rich in protein and fiber and also regular exercise. There is no substitute for water. Aerated beverages or any other beverages containing artificial sweeteners should be completely avoided. Water is the best natural resource available to mankind and when it is consumed in the right proportions and at timely intervals it can work wonders on your weight. And you will be surprised to see in a just a few months that water therapy for weight loss is not a mere expression.

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