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swimming classes in noida for adults

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Don’t Put a limit to anything. The more you dream the more you will achieve”

  • To learn one of the most essential water lifesaving skill, swimming.
  • Make one an experienced swimmer as swimming is such a sport that once learnt will stay for the rest of your life.
  • Remove fear of water so that you become confident in the water and can easily swim anywhere and in any depth.

How are we doing it?

Launching the first of its kind swimming classes in West Delhi under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Jagdeep Singh Ahluwalia.

We are picking 50 swimmers across Delhi and training them at West Delhi for 3 months.

A well-executed and planned program that has already been successfully implemented in Gurgaon and South Delhi already aims to focus on each member individually providing proper instructions and coaching in West Delhi now.

Coaches are going to be physically present in the pool at all times of your training and their aim will always be to make you swim better each day and to give you the best training possible in the given time slot.

On a monthly basis, we will make a video analysis of your swim stroke and style in order to provide you technical correction measures, body postures and the area’s where you can improve.

Leadership Team:

swimming classes in west delhi

What can you expect from your Coach:

  • Detailed analysis of your current swimming level and thereupon setting up of your goal for next 3 months.
  • Weekly training program is given to you in advance every Tuesday.
  • Live skill corrections and improvisation during the sessions in the pool.
  • Underwater Video analysis of your swimming posture and correcting measures
  • Also expect extra word of encouragement when you’re done but not your workout. 🙂
Fitso Swim Program: Swimming classes in west delhi
Underwater Video Analysis

Strength Training, Workshops and Physio Service for Swimming Classes in West Delhi (Bonus Perks):

  • Along with your swimming coach, the whole team of Fitso experts will work together to provide you satisfactory services and make you a better swimmer each day.
  • In case of any medical issues faced by you at any point in time then you can consult our in-house Physiotherapist anytime.
  • Coaches will assist you in building muscle strength (untouched in running and cycling) needed to become a proficient swimmer.
  • We will also be conducting theoretical workshops on swimming and guest lectures by experts so that you get hands on experience of the perks of swimming and the journey to becoming a pro at swimming.
  • Also for those interested candidates, we will be giving 1 Open Water Swimming session at the end of the course as well.

Expected Results in the end:

“Rise and Shine”

You would have met your goal set at the beginning of the course.

Becoming a confident and proficient swimmer in all kind of depths of the water and being able to swim at least 1 km non-stop (if you are starting from complete beginner level and train regularly)

Improvement in swimming posture and tactics which will itself increase your speed in water by huge margin

Effortless swimming with the correct posture and greater endurance.

Improved performance if you already know swimming but are struggling to speed up.

Is this program for me?

Yes, it is, if you are determined and hell bent on learning and improving your skill. This program is for everyone – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The only criteria is- having a will.

About Classes:

Dwarka: Venkateshwar International School, Sector 10, Dwarka

Time Slots: 5AM – 6AM & 8PM – 9PM (Tuesday will be rest day)

Location on Map:

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If you have any questions or request to make or if you want to get it started at your place, reach out to us at:

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