Parineeti Chopra’s Weight Loss Journey is Exemplary

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PArineeti Chopra Weight Loss

Gleamy faces and svelte figures are of paramount importance in the film industry. Bollywood thrives on glamor and glamor is about what and whom you see on screen.  This is what it minimally takes to be in this profession. The zeal to flourish in Bollywood keeps the celebrities going. Because being misfit bears an early doomed career to Bollywood personas. And, Parineeti Chopra worked way hard to behoove the standards of Bollywood. Tapering down her jeans size from 38 to 30 is certainly not a no-sweat achievement, after all. Right?

priyanka chopra weight loss

Parineeti’s acting since her debut was worthy enough to make the audience believe her worth. Moreover, her off-screen demeanor added more to her likableness and admirableness. But, her shape was still not in shape to team well with the Bollywood camera. And this free-spoken woman never refused of being overweight.


In fact, Chopra’s extra pounds always hovered as a collection of jokes over her head which she has sportingly dealt with all her cool. This is because she knew her body would someday shut the mockers off and that someday did come for this persevering lady. Weren’t the curves of Parineeti in the song ‘Janemman Aah’ was the best rejoinder her mockers could ever get?

parineeti chopra weight loss

Diet behind the almost new Parineeti Chopra

Losing weight was really not an easy sail for Parineeti as her inefficient metabolism keeps her vulnerability high to weight-gain. Poor metabolism was not letting her lose successfully in response to which she got herself tested at an Austrian Health Center for food allergies. Apparently, this test cost around INR 10 Lakhs. Depending on test results, a diet chart for six months is drawn, which the clients have to strictly adhere to. This test allowed her to identify the foods suited and unsuited for her body and step ahead accordingly. To aggravate it more was her irresistible appetite for pizzas and pasta. Pizza, in her words, was her first love and giving up on it was a strong tiff between her heart and mind. Yet, she chose to omit it out from her diet and prioritize her career over her taste.

priyanka chopra weight loss

“I gave up pizza! It’s my first love. I can let go of anything but not pizza. But I didn’t have a choice.”

This is how the foodie-girl used to have a stringent command on her taste buds:

  • Breakfast: It was as simple as a glass of milk accompanied with brown butter and bread and two egg-white portions only.
  • Lunch: Comprised of nothing more than dal-roti, brown rice and leafy vegetables.
  • Dinner: It included less spicy food with minimal oil, a glass of milk or a chocolate shake.

She makes sure of finishing her dinner atleast 2 hours before going to bed. Well yes, keeping herself hydrated too is the pivotal part of her regimen as it helps in cleansing.

Parineeti Chopra Weight Loss Workout

priyanka chopra weight loss

Physical training for Parineeti involved involvement beyond gym and treadmill run. To keep boredom at bay, she tried clubbing different physical activities. Each of the dancing, Kalaripayattu(a form of martial arts from Kerala), meditating, yoga and swimming was proportionately carried out by her in her long journey of being slim. Sometimes, she also used to hit gym too. Here is what Parineeti followed during his weight loss course:

  • Start the day with Jogging.
  • Running on the Treadmill.
  • Doing Meditation and Yoga daily for an hour.
  • Cardio and Regular Strength Exercises
  • Also Dancing to lose extra fat and improving it for her movies.

Well-maintained diet along with these physical activities had bought Parineeti her dream to be slender. And she has really carved out the best version of her with all her determination which she prides in.

parineeti chopra weight loss

As conveyed to the media, her motivation icon has been none other than a trivial mirror seeing her reflections upon which, she kept herself encouraged. Would you like to trail Parineeti Chopra? If she could, you too can.

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