Things You Must Know Before Marrying A Runner

“Run fast, Run slow,  Run far, Run close, JUST RUN” Well, this is what a runner believes in. To them running is not just another form of exercise for a healthy life but their life itself revolves around running. They know that like exercise changes your body, running changes your life. So how does life […]

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Neha Mishra Transformation Journey with Fitso

Dr Neha Mishra is a formidable force to reckon with in her workplace, a reputed hospital in Indore, as she runs from one ward to another. As she healed patients and spread smiles, she did not let anyone in on her prolonged struggle with weight. For years she had been trying to lose weight and […]

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Health Myths That You Must Give Up Now

Health myths

He is fool who believes in everything he hears, without even caring to find out whether or not any logic governs it. Being human is to inherently use the reasonable bent of our mind and not accumulate anything that is rumoured around in our mind. From superstitions to myths, despite the paradigm shift in modernity […]

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Gary Robbins- Story of Barkley Marathon 2017

Barkley Marathon, the 100 mile, legendary race which runs through the thick woods and difficult terrain of Frozen Head State Park, is considered to be one of the most challenging races in the world. Its annual entry limit of 40 runners, secretive registration process and the requirement of collecting pages of books on course to […]

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Learn These Hacks To Run Like A Pro Runner

professional runner hacks

Before you start running it is important to be prepared, and for that, you need to take advice from the professional runners. By following their footsteps, your hips, knees and feet will thank you. Not only that, you will thoroughly enjoy the overall running experience. Here are some clever Hacks To Be A Professional Runner. Practice […]

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5 Signs that You are Ready to do an Ironman

The decision to take on an IRONMAN race shouldn’t be made lightly. No matter what shape you’re in as an athlete, going after the full deal will require commitment, training, and preparation. While everyone’s starting point differs based on athletic ability and multisport experience, there’s one part of the process we all face equally: the […]

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The Horrible Truth of Drinking Diet Sodas

diet soda harms

Any restaurant or an eatery you go, the most common thing we find on the menu is fancy soda drink names. It’s unfortunate to see kids consume these with so much fervour that even water seems repugnant to them. Not to mention my own daughter who is equally fond of these diet soda drinks, that […]

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Popular Vegan milks in India

vegan milk

Being Vegan means consuming products which aren’t derived from animals. Other than being a compassionate choice, being vegan also leads to a much healthier lifestyle. Let us take a look at the two most popular types of vegan milk available in India. Soya Milk Undoubtedly the most popular amongst all types of vegan milk, Soya […]

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Cashew Nut : Best Natural Anti-depressants

cashew nut

If you oftenly feel depressed, don’t think about medications right away. Cashew Nuts are the best cure for your problem. Cashew Nuts are one of the healthiest foods known in the world. Many of us are not aware about the numerous benefits they offer and only a few percentage of natural benefits medicines database is […]

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Drink Based On Thirst Rather Forcing Yourself

Have been following this advice of gulping 8 glasses of water daily thinking that it’s good for us? Not exactly correct according to the research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States of America. Actual amount of water needed depends person to person. Find what it does to our brain […]

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Quick Tips for Athletes Training in the Heat

Many IRONMAN races are either in the late summer or early fall, which means some intense weeks of training will be smack dab in the middle of the hottest months of the year. The heat puts extra stress on the body in a rested state, let alone when you’re tackling a hill climb. Understandably, heat […]

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Check Out If You’re Drinking Water Right

drinking water

In the language of Chemistry, this simplest compound-water, alias H20-has the most complicated dos and don’ts associated, when it comes to drinking. Some under-drink it, while some over-drink. Some just drink it, unmindful of when and how much to drink. Some just don’t drink it, confusing hunger with thirst, and end up stuffing in more-than-required […]

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