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Not everything in life has a shortcut, but fortunately Yoga does! Get valuable yoga tips & tricks to reach your goal effectively in short time, Take your first step to finding inner peace and living a healthier life!

Yoga Poses for Runners

Yoga Poses for Runners
Yoga is a perfect solution to all your running needs. Not only does it keep you fit from tip to toe, but also trains your mind and increases your body’s endurance. It trains you not to turn nasty or hopeless halfway through a race. Its mind tricks keep you positive and present all the way through to the finish...

How to do Yoga at home – Tips and Guidelines

How to do Yoga at home
For any yoga practitioner, the most difficult challenge is to create a yoga practice schedule at home- to make sure you can keep up with your routine on a daily basis. But for that a practitioner must choose from a list of yoga postures that fit him well, qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Here's a guide on How to do Yoga at home. Doing...