List of Upcoming Running Events in Mumbai, 2017

running events in Mumbai

Running is one of the best fitness activities in the world. Group running is better than solo running. Running together is always a fun.  When you run with like-minded sport enthusiasts, it makes the whole running experience memorable. Are residing in Mumbai and want to be a part of exciting running events in Mumbai? Then you have […]

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10 Hidden Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of those few sports that is just perfectly a complete exercise and is suitable for people of almost all age groups. If you are 9 or you are 90 swimming benefits you in all ages. One of the best thing about swimming is that it do not require any extra gadgets and […]

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Fitso Duathlon Challenge 2017

Fitso Duathlon Challenge is first of it’s kind. You have to complete 5 km run, followed by 20 km ride, and then 5 km run. Why you shouldn’t miss this challenge? No fee to participate in the challenge. It’s completely free. It’s time for multisport – a bigger challenge, lesser chance of injury and more […]

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6 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at Home

burn calories

We all want to get in shape but sometimes life just gets in our way, whether it is family, work or friend. There are so many roadblocks in our fitness goal. The best thing is that doing small changes in your routine work , you will get your time for your own fitness. Here are […]

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Health Myths That You Must Give Up Now

Health myths

He is fool who believes in everything he hears, without even caring to find out whether or not any logic governs it. Being human is to inherently use the reasonable bent of our mind and not accumulate anything that is rumoured around in our mind. From superstitions to myths, despite the paradigm shift in modernity […]

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