Training Plans

Get access to free running plans for couch to 5k to marathon designed by the best running coaches. Know more about type of running styles and their importance.

Running Plan for Beginners: How to start Running

Running Plan for Beginners
So you are considering to start running. But you are not sure how to start. So here's a Running Plan for Beginners that will get you started. You want to run. Maybe to lose weight, maybe to have better health, maybe to fulfill a half-buried dream. For whatever reason, you've decided to run, and you are excited to get started....

Why Runners Need A Training Plan?

Runners Need A Training Plan
We don't fail because of injury, weather excuses or other circumstances. We fail because of under preparation and more importantly, for not having a proper training plan. Let me explain, why runners need a training plan. If your target is performance oriented and you want to achieve certain timing goal then it demands a training schedule which has to be...